Roles and Responsibilities

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Your responsibilities as a coordinator include training, teaching, inspiring, and overseeing counselors and assistant coordinators; contacting and working with various venue staff; and ensuring the logistical success of your session. Additionally, coordinators work with the administrators, session-directing couple, and office staff to oversee FSY sessions and participants.

Be a friend and a mentor to your assistant coordinators. Help look after their spiritual, emotional, and physical needs.


  • Be sure the assistant coordinators have sufficient time for daily scripture study.
  • Teach them as you are prompted by the Spirit.
  • Be an example.


  • Be aware of their needs through frequent communication. Ponder, plan, and act to meet those needs.
  • Support them in the various duties and responsibilities they oversee.
  • Encourage them, offer advice and counsel, and express your appreciation often.
  • Counsel and correct them when expectations and objectives of the FSY program are not being met. Do so with love.
  • (Optional) Take time to write notes of encouragement and gratitude to the assistant coordinators.


  • Be aware of the health of the assistant coordinators.
  • Make sure they eat well and get as much sleep as possible during FSY.

Read more about your role in the fsy staff handbook.