Roles and Responsibilities

Assistant Coordinator Video


As an assistant coordinator, you will act as a liaison between counselors and coordinators. You will also take care of a group of counselors and tend to numerous day-to-day responsibilities. As you strive to humbly support and build up the counselors, they in turn bless the lives of the youth.

Building meaningful relationships with your counselors is key to your role as an assistant coordinator. Do everything you can to help meet their needs. Attend as many of your counselors’ teaching situations as possible. Visit with your counselors daily and provide meaningful feedback and encouragement. Remember that true communication is a two-way exchange. The more you meet with your counselors and get to know them, the easier it will be for them to trust you and come to you when they need your help.

Be a friend and a mentor to your counselors. Help them be at their very best for their youth. The counselors need you to help rejuvenate them when they are drained spiritually, emotionally, or physically.

One of your main responsibilities as an assistant coordinator is to supervise and perform administrative duties. Know your duties and successfully complete them. Always arrive early to activities so counselors can check in for their duties on time and become aware of where you will be. Be familiar with the counselor duties. Help the counselors, in an appropriate way, take care of their responsibilities.

Read more about your role in the fsy staff handbook.