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It can be easy to take things in our life for granted. We can be happier if we focus on appreciating what we have.
The first great truth is that God loves you. You are His child and matter to Him.
“Remember what you are worth.” That is the simple yet powerful message of this song. Let´s be kind to others, and when we ourselves are hurt we can turn to Jesus Christ, who knows and loves us.
When we keep the promises we make with God, we receive strength in our inevitable trials and prepare for a glorious life ahead.
Family relationships enable us to develop our character and love for each other. God desires us to strive for His highest possible blessings by keeping His commandments.
With a positive outlook on life, you can see so much beauty in the world, and cherish relationships with those you love. Written and performed by Regan Rindlisbacher.
A Broadcast for Leaders teaches church leaders how to help members understand the principles of love, share, and invite and encourages wards to have weekly missionary coordination meetings help to align sharing the gospel efforts.
When the storms in life come, you can be steady and hopeful when you rely on your faith in Jesus Christ. That faith will lead you to consider daily how you can follow Him in a better way.