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This uncommon pairing of the Bible and yoga has probably not come to mind during Bible study sessions in the past. However, for one lady, this is what happened.
A Bosnian truck driver compares the maps and GPS guidance he needs as a driver, to the guidance we need from Heavenly Father to get through the roads of life.
A father realizes how important it is to spend time with his son when the young boy offers to buy some of his time.
The summer of 2020 was generally dull and lonely, but it was made brighter through the Reach and Rise programme.
The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square perform 'Praise to the Man'. Follow along a recording session and see beautiful historical scenery and art.
While being unable to serve the living, Colin had a very special time serving his ancestors by reconnecting with them.
Just like you, the women of the Relief Society General Presidency and Board have experienced the ups and downs of mortality. No matter what, we can all find joy in Jesus Christ.
The Lord encourages us to put aside what we can to help us prepare for any future difficulties we may face.