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Jesus answers the prayer of the prophet Nephi and appears to him and the other disciples of Ancient America. The Lord tells Nephi that His Church will be known by His name, just as His followers are known by His name.
Jesus blesses and administers His sacrament to the people of Ancient America. The Lord teaches them they are a remnant of the House of Israel and will be gathered according to the covenant of the Father.
The prophet Nephi and the disciples of Christ go out to gather the people of Ancient America, declaring that Jesus has appeared unto them. Baptisms are performed and Jesus returns to show Himself again.
Jesus establishes His sacrament among people of Ancient America. The Lord blesses bread and wine and administers the sacrament in remembrance of His body and His blood, which was shed for all people.
Jesus ministers to people of Ancient America and perceives their weakness. Full of compassion for them, He heals their sick, calls little children forward and prays.
Jesus tells the people of Ancient America that they are the “other sheep” of His fold, as recorded in the Bible and spoken of by the Lord to those in Jerusalem.
Jesus Christ continues His teachings during His visitation to people of Ancient America. Jesus’ words reflect the Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes as found in the Gospel of Matthew 5 – 7.
Jesus Christ teaches people of the Americas and calls the prophet Nephi and other disciples by name, giving them power to baptize those who repent and believe in Him.