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I want to honour my mother and grandmother with all my heart as I reflect on womanhood.
Sister Alder was the first unmarried sister missionary older than thirty, and the first widowed sister missionary formally called to proselytize for the Church.
Join us for this musical celebration of Christ´s Atonement and Resurrection, performed by acclaimed violinists Jenny Oaks Baker.
I felt their genuine warmth, and I wanted to be connected with these sisters. I truly felt the sisterhood of which we talk and read.
Aid to earthquake victims totals more than US$5 million
Heavenly Father heard me, a humble young woman who earned her living in a minister’s home.
Bringing sustainable clean water and sanitation to rural Tajikistan reflects the goals of World Water Day 2023
I often reflect on the wonderful mothers I have had in my life, especially when Mother’s Day gets close.