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Pauline Evans supports the Royal British Legion
The British Pageant was held in Chorley at the Preston Temple grounds for the third time in August 2023. It was a huge success, with 13 performances of up to 1200 capacity.
In Gethsemane, a poem by Rachel Guy
Sammy M Wills shares how her faith blesses the lives of community members in BBC Radio Sheffield
Noah, aged 11, has gone to extraordinary lengths to help his little sister Ellerie who suffers from trichotillomania, by donating his hair and raising over £300 for the Little Princess Trust
On a recent trip to the UK, my son, grandson, and I had an amazing experience of love and empathy that has changed “our world”.
Via their efforts with loved ones, neighbours, colleagues, and social media, the member’s managed to raise a grand total of £2150.00.
Opening the Branch as a community centre has allowed members in Greenock to serve and build relationships with their local community.
The important thing is not the calling you have, but the testimony of the Saviour that you build and the service you give others.
Brother Ostler organised the presentation of a bell and personal letter to express thanks to Ralph and his family for their kindness and support.
Brother Booth's time with the Worcester chapel has gone full circle, from building it to caring for it.
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