Preaching In Slab Square, Nottingham

by Mike Rigby

Brother Mike Rigby as a young man
Brother Mike Rigby as a young man

I was baptised in 1968 at the Nottingham Chapel, West Bridgford. I was 17 years old. It was not long before I was called to serve as a ward missionary. This was a challenge for me at the start, but after a short period of time I became more valiant in my call, and with the help of local full-time missionaries I began to find it easier to testify to the truthfulness of the gospel.

It was during this time that I would go out with the full-time missionaries on teaching appointments or ‘tracting’.

One day they invited me to join them in the Market Square, Nottingham. We called it” Slab Square”- Elder M. Russell Ballard preached there as a young missionary. They were going to preach the gospel. They stood on a raised wall and started to preach the message of the Restoration. I was amazed when a small crowd gathered, and even more amazed when I found myself volunteering to do what they were doing. The crowd had grown to about 40, and I said a silent prayer and started to share the message of the Restoration. Individuals in the crowd started to respond with some very critical comments, until one gentleman seemed to shout with a very loud voice, ‘Give the lad a chance!’ It worked and I was able to finish my remarks. I’m not sure if this gentleman was a little the worse for drink but I was very grateful for his comments.

We left the Market Square and I’m not sure what good I did, but I always remember that day in Slab Square. It gave me the courage to stand up and testify, no matter what. I thought, ‘If I can do that, I can do anything.’ Even today I think the Spirit moved not only upon me that day but also upon the gentleman who spoke up for me.