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Ordinances of the temple fill our lives with power and strength available in no other way.
Katie McColgan describes her work as Chair of the Interfaith Council for Wales.
The three members of The Pretty Ugly Indie Band chose to leave behind their music and a record deal to serve the Lord.
A project in the Burnley area of the Chorley England Stake needed some help putting together hygiene packs for vulnerable women.
Instead of feeling sorry for himself, Sam felt inspired to help others in a similar situation.
Heavenly Father never falls short of miracles for his beloved children
JustServe offers a broad array of projects to connect volunteers with service opportunities in the community.
This uncommon pairing of the Bible and yoga has probably not come to mind during Bible study sessions in the past. However, for one lady, this is what happened.
The summer of 2020 was generally dull and lonely, but it was made brighter through the Reach and Rise programme.
While being unable to serve the living, Colin had a very special time serving his ancestors by reconnecting with them.
My four-year-old had more presence of mind than I had. He knew that if he prayed, Jesus would help him.
The elected president of Edinburgh Napier Students Association, hosted a discussion with the topic “Faith plays a role for good mental health”