The Lamb

by Abby Twigger

A piano

I'm a full time Mum of five children aged thirteen and under in the Aberdeen Stake. Two years ago I began writing heaps of music and I realised that I absolutely loved to write- and that I was better than I thought.

Last year, a friend recommended I get in contact with a member of the Staines Stake, a professional musician and composer named Sam Petchey, for some help with recording some songs. We soon discovered we made a great musical team.

In 2023, we wrote and performed an Easter Cantata called 'Women of Jesus' for a pop-up women's choir in Staines and Hyde Park. In the Summer we released an EP to streaming services called 'All the Good Songs Have Been Written'. In October we ran a recording afternoon with some of my singing friends from Aberdeen Chorus of Sweet Adelines. We sang my original carol, ‘The Lamb’, which Sam had arranged for four parts. Later that evening, we held the first concert of me singing solo with Sam accompanying my original songs, while launching pre-orders for our Christmas album.

In December last year, we found out that our choral arrangements of ‘The Lamb’ had been shortlisted in the Sir David Willcocks Carol Competition, reached the semifinal of the UK Songwriting Contest and- most exciting- was one of five winners in the Making Music Classic FM Carol Competition. It was played on national radio on Classic FM on Friday 22nd December 2023.

It is all utterly amazing to me. I see the hand of Heavenly Father in my life so much as I write music, and feel the Holy Spirit with me as I am writing. Sometimes it feels like I am just catching it in my hands and trying to get it all down quickly enough.

Most days, though, I'm covered in lego, teddies, leftover food and kisses from my kids.

The debut album is available on my website