Missionaries - Member Work

Watch the latest video about missionary work in Europe and read about their successes!
Are you wondering how to do missionary work in a socially distanced pandemic?
Missionaries in Lyon connected a Dubai man with local members and he was baptized in spite of challenges.
A family from Africa emigrated to Norway, received the missionary lessons and persevered to be baptized.
How members took initiatives to help an investigator be taught, fellowshipped and baptized.
How Missionaries and Members overcame challenges to teach and baptize a man in Northern Cyprus.
An investigator received the missionary lessons and was baptized. She is happy with the knowledge that she will see her ancestors again thanks to the Plan of Salvation.
Sister Missionaries' perseverance through challenges led to a man being taught and baptized
A referral given by a member on Facebook leads to a man being taught and baptized in Portugal
The sisters in Prague receive a great response for their online language class.
Two sister missionaries realize the opportunities of online missionary work due to the Corona lockdown.
Missionaries explore how they can use technology to uplift, teach, the gospel and serve in the online community.