Blessings of Corona in Frankfurt

Sisters Free and Konietz

What a crazy time it has been. We just wanted to express to you the gratitude we have for this time on our mission and the blessings that we have seen because of Corona. It's crazy to say, but we are really grateful for quarantine! In this time, we have learned the meaning of being effective even if we can't have face to face contact with someone. And we have seen so much progress through Facebook and we never would've met these people if it wasn't for Corona! We have also learned the importance of self-discipline as Satan really tries to tempt us on social media. We are seeing progress with the members and deepening our relationships with them, also progress with our attitudes and how to truly find joy not by circumstances but by the power through the small and simple things, and we have also seen progress in our spiritual growth. We are truly God's investigators right now and we believe that when this is over, we will all come out from it better, stronger, and more powerful than we ever were before.

We have really realized the importance of helping our family members during this time, who might not be strong in the gospel. And that the extra phone call really shows that we can not only help the people here, but also the ones at home. We are also learning how to do effective missionary work even when we aren't on our missions! Facebook and social media have taught us a lot that it truly can be a powerful tool if we let it. We just hope you know that the work IS moving forward, and we are very grateful for what you have done to help us see this progress within the work and ourselves!


Sister Konietz & Sister Free
Frankfurt, Germany Frankfurt Mission