Ongoing Service

Sister Draper & Sister Jarvis

My companion and I have been experimenting with Facebook and trying to find new ways of serving and finding those who are interested in hearing the gospel. A little while back, I had joined a group on Facebook called 'Prague Czech learning group' and had been trying to check for opportunities to comment on posts and offer help with learning Czech.

Nothing had happened for a good few weeks and then suddenly a post popped up from someone on the page asking if anyone was offering online Czech courses. I quickly commented that my friend and I were missionaries who were looking for opportunities to serve and would be starting a free weekly Czech class for beginners using ZOOM. Not a few minutes later, she had friended me and sent me a message, but I could not have ever imagined the large success that would follow.

Throughout the day and even still today, people have been private messaging me for details to join the class. I have had nice conversations over messenger with many of them. Commenting on that Facebook post on a Prague Czech learning group, posting a simple Facebook post on my timeline, along with reaching out to members and asking them to invite their friends, 14 people attended the Czech class. All stayed for the spiritual thought, visibly had smiles on their faces, were so grateful for the service that we had offered, and expressed their desire to attend again next week.

Despite quarantine, there are still ways to serve and share the gospel. With the Lord's help, Facebook is becoming an amazing tool through which to reach the hearts of God's children across the globe.

Sister Draper & Sister JarvisĀ 
Prague, Czech Republic
Czech / Slovak Mission