Four Different Approaches to Missionary Work

Elder Call & Elder Dobson

We have been sharing inspirational quotes and pictures on our WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter stories these past few weeks. Some have responded to our WhatsApp story and told us how they love the quote or that they are grateful for the thought because it helped them through their day. People can also leave a 'like' or a 'heart' on Facebook, so we have been able to contact those who have reacted to us and it has gone well. We are going to keep sharing a new quote every day and hope that it helps us to find more people or at least to be a light to others.

This past week, we also started doing Come, Follow Me posts on Instagram and Facebook. We look at the Primary handbook and then come up with pictures or ideas to publish. For example, we posted a picture of us with red paint on our faces. We also posted a photo of us looking into a mirror with Jesus Christ as the reflection. We used a cool panorama feature to do that and are excited to post these types of images every week.

We were thinking of something different that we could do with technology and decided to post in genealogy groups on Facebook. We posted in three groups by offering to help people with family history. One of our posts got over 86 reactions with 46 comments. As a result, we have 22 people we are now talking with on Facebook Messenger. We were not expecting this much of a reaction. We are going to be very busy these next few days as we try to help people with family history and we are so excited to learn more.

Our new goal is to work more with members in our lessons. We have seen so much success when we use members in the lessons as they help us to bring the Spirit and get to know them and our investigators more. The members help us to create better relationships, to teach the lessons, and to explain things that we cannot teach so easily.


Elder Call & Elder Dobson
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