- Welfare and Self-Reliance -

Self-reliance training is helping to improve the lives of people in the Cape Verde islands.
Montse was able to turn her life around spiritually and professionally, after attending the Education for a Better Job course.
Spring Semester Enrollment is ongoing until April 16, 2021. BYU-Pathway Worldwide provides an accessible path to earning a spiritually based university degree completely online at an affordable price.
See how the Self-reliance initiative richly blessed Xavi’s life after he decided to participate.
President Henry B. Eyring encourages us to show our faith and love for the Lord though service to others, despite our own trials.
The self-reliance program educates participants to provide for and serve their family and community.
Paulo’s business has gone from strength to strength since his participation in the Starting and Growing My Business course.
Rachel balances growing her business and taking care of her family responsibilities.
Emanuel’s Story tells how his self-reliance has grown through the My Job Search group.
LDS Charities works with government organizations to establish a Vision Care program for Bosnian school children.
LDS Charities help to initiate a Vision Care program for school children with eye problems in Cape Verde.
Armando and Suela have worked together to build up their own business of refurbishing cars in order to have a stronger and more self-reliant family.