Interested in improving yourself?

by Jonathan Berry

Interested in improving yourself?

In spring 2020, Welfare and Self-Reliance Services in the Europe Area launched an online survey to help members register their interest in participating in, or facilitating, a Welfare/Self-Reliance course.  The “Expression of Interest Survey” has proven to be an excellent tool for stake leaders as they plan and coordinate efforts to help provide the resources that will match their members’ needs and interests.

The video illustrates how to access the online survey.

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Despite difficulties caused by COVID, and the subsequent lockdown restrictions, over two hundred members in the UK and Ireland have participated in courses as a result of completing the survey.  Many others have benefitted as a direct consequence of the survey.

Participation has been made easier by the church providing Zoom accounts to stakes. These virtual classes have allowed stakes to include others from outside their geographic boundaries and has been a wonderful blessing as friendships across the country have been made.

If you would like to participate in a course such as Personal Finances, Find a Better Job, Education for Better Work, EnglishConnect, Emotional Resilience, Strengthening Marriage, Strengthening Families, Life Skills, please complete the survey or contact your Stake Welfare/Self-Reliance Specialist.