BYU-Pathway Worldwide Provides a Clear Path to Self-reliance and Education in Europe


Tens of thousands of Church members throughout Europe do not have a university degree. Why? Because it costs too much, they lack confidence, or they don't have access to quality higher education. With BYU-Pathway Worldwide, everyone can access higher education — right from their own home.

President Nelson has noted that BYU-Pathway “brings an innovative approach to education — one unique to the Church Educational System, and to the world.”[1] BYU-Pathway’s mission is to develop disciples of Jesus Christ by building self-reliance and strengthening students’ resolve to progress along the covenant path. Participation in Institute of Religion classes in Seminaries and Institutes for all ages will be provided as well.

Speaking to students from 150 countries across the globe who face an equally diverse set of challenges during a pandemic, President Ballard assured his listeners that their decision to obtain an education “is very important.”

“You are investing now for eternity that lies ahead. I urge you to finish this educational journey you have begun — no matter what challenges you may face.” [2]

What does BYU-Pathway offer?

BYU-Pathway Worldwide provides an accessible path to earning a spiritually based university degree completely online at an affordable price. Admission is open to all Church members and friends of the Church.

low cost - flexible - online

Students start with PathwayConnect — a one-year reduced-cost online program that prepares students to start one of more than 40 certificate and degree programs through BYU-Idaho and Ensign College — offered completely online.[3]

In addition, all returned missionaries who have served within the past five years receive an automatic 25% discount on their tuition during PathwayConnect. This includes missionaries who may have recently returned home early because of COVID-19.

Because BYU-Pathway’s programs are completely online, all work is done without the need to come to a university campus. Through virtual gatherings in PathwayConnect, students from almost anywhere in the world can participate in BYU-Pathway. Enrollment is continually open for the upcoming semester. Visit for more information and start your path today.

[1] PRESIDENT RUSSELL M. NELSON, “Inaugural Remarks,” BYU-Pathway Worldwide Inauguration, Nov. 16, 2017.

[2] President M. Russell Ballard speaks to BYU-Pathway Worldwide students during a devotional broadcast on Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2021

[3] BYU-Pathway programs are taught only in English. Individuals who are not proficient in English may consider enrolling in EnglishConnect — a program the Church offers to help people develop English skills in an environment of fellowship and faith that prepares learners for academic study — especially PathwayConnect.'