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Sisters of the United Brethren
Catherine Murray, of the Greenock Branch, shares her conversion story.
Lloyd Newell brought Music & the Spoken Word to Ireland when he visited the Long Room in the Old Library at Trinity College in Dublin.
Pauline Evans supports the Royal British Legion
Let us not put off praying and asking for help getting through challenges in our lives. The Lord is there, waiting for us to ask for help.
Joel Matthews shares his experience of trusting the Lord, and witnessing His hand personally preparing the way.
As we remember the Saviour, we often feel moved to help, support and bring relief to the suffering and struggles of others around us.
Merthyr Tydfil- two chapels, two prophets
Members of Exeter Ward Relief Society have conducted many hours of combined community service, as they have all learnt to knit and crochet.
3 sisters from the Luton Ward, Sam (16), Alex (13) and Sadie (8) along with some of their school friends, run a homework club for asylum seeker children.
Without Christ, we would be left to ourselves, but with him, we will far exceed what we think is our vast potential.
Stones and Bones Cast in a Welsh Village