Service from a fish bar

by Elder Smith

Service from a fish bar

Over the 2020 Christmas period I was given an opportunity to participate, as a service missionary, in Cardiff Stake’s ‘Help for Refugees’ projects.

Necessities were packed and prepared for approximately 150 refugees at the local centre. When delivering the packages, it was very heart-warming to see the reactions of those involved, as to what was being delivered to the centre and the sheer amount. There was even a box of cuddly bears for children.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work alongside so many caring and compassionate people. It was a joy, that couldn't be found anywhere else, such as when young men are so happy to see nappies for their children, and to hear their expressions of thanks.

I also served on Christmas Day, alongside my stake president and his wife, teaching missionaries (Elder Logan and Elder Holt), and a family of two brothers from the Stake who had not yet opened their presents.

Elder Logan said, “We had the opportunity to serve at a fish bar doing deliveries. We first heard about it from our Church leader President Jason Spragg. It was so great to have the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing act of kindness and charity. We greatly respect the owners/workers of Victoria Fish Bar. We thoroughly enjoyed the chance to help spread some Christmas cheer and goodwill. We had the opportunity to deliver boxes of fish and chips to some local care homes in Cardiff for the workers who sacrifice so much time and care for our elderly community. It was a lovely experience and I encourage anyone to seek out those opportunities in their area.”

This was a day to feel united, as many volunteers turned up; so many we had to queue up to volunteer. It was such a humbling experience, one that will stay with me throughout my life. I have learned the importance of service and sacrifice through being a service missionary.