The only person born in the Emerald Isle to become a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
The ‘Help for Refugees’ project brought blessings
Limerick Branch: From strength to strength
'We don’t have to do ‘great’ things, we just have to do small and ordinary things in ‘great’ ways!”
Brother Thomas Holton has recently been called to serve as the first Church History Specialist for the Republic of Ireland
Jason Smyth, the fastest Paralympian on the earth and double gold medal winner at the London 2012 Paralympics, raced down from his home in Derry to help raise funds for the National Education Centre for Blind Children.
As we started indexing more people started arriving and some non-members joined us to help and stayed and stayed, and still people kept arriving.  Some of the youth enjoyed it so much that they asked to stay on, and made a game out of trying to find the most unusual first name- with ‘Cassebilinous’ being a sure winner.
The Dublin Ireland Stake were included on The Southern Utah Heritage Choir’s Twentieth Anniversary Tour of Ireland.