Republic of Ireland’s first Church History Specialist

by Arnold Jones

Thomas Holton
Thomas Holton

Brother Thomas Holton has recently been called to serve as the first Church History Specialist for the Republic of Ireland.  His responsibilities lie within the Dublin Stake and the Limerick Ireland District.

Brother Holton was born in 1973.  His mother joined the Church in Dublin shortly before his third birthday, when she was a single mother with three boys; she presently serves as a Preston Temple Ordinance Worker.

Brother Holton has loved being a part of the restored church of Jesus Christ since his childhood; he served a full-time mission in the England Birmingham Mission from 1991 to 1993; “It was a life-changing experience,” says he.

He married Veronica Carmel Holton in 1999, who was baptized in the Atlantic Ocean in Galway, Ireland in 1991.  She served in the England Manchester Mission from 1996 to 1998, and currently serves as Dublin Stake Relief Society President.

The Holton’s have a son named Thomas David who is preparing to serve a mission shortly.

Brother Holton has university degrees in Taxation, Social Science and International Relations.  He loves education in all sorts of fields.  After spending a couple of years in financial services, he has been a civil servant for 18 years, mainly dealing with financial and legal administration.

In the Church he has served as a Gospel Doctrine Teacher, Elders quorum president, a Bishop’s counsellor and as a branch president for 10 years.  He is presently serving as a Stake High Councillor, Stake Sunday School president and a branch young men president in the Dublin Stake.

His passions include studying Church doctrine and history, reading widely, writing on various topics, watching epic movies and keeping fit.

Brother Holton will represent the Republic of Ireland on the UK and Ireland Church History Committee.