Liahona Editors: We are on Facebook

by Chelsea Craven O'Brien


For a while we, editors of the Liahona’s UK Local Pages, have contemplated how best to connect with UK and Irish members in a way other than by email. We also needed the connection to be ‘future proof’ to ensure easy connection would continue no matter who holds the calling.

We decided to create a Facebook account to act as a unified all-in-one editor.

Our vision for this connection is for each member in the UK and Ireland to add their Facebook account as a friend, and then message us, tag us in their posts and announcements, and share things with us. We also wish to be added to ward and stake groups and pages, including the events and activities they think the UK Liahona Local Pages could feature.

We wish to help members submit stories, testimonies, and notify us of activities in the UK and Ireland that will uplift, and so help bring us all to Jesus Christ, our Saviour.

We send our love and gratitude and hope our Facebook account will help us fulfill our callings and better serve you. 

To find our Facebook account, just search for ‘Uki-Liahona Editors’ when on Facebook or click here.

- With love, sisters Megan Stobbs and Chelsea Craven O'Brien.