The Work Goes Forward

Elder Edwards and Elder Wheatley

M. was originally found by the Elders in Ukraine. He moved to Warsaw 6 months ago and we received his contact information from the Elders in Ukraine. We tried to contact him, but didn't get a hold of him. Later, we felt impressed to check his address and see if we could go find him. So we checked the address and it was the apartment building right next to ours (what a coincidence...not), so we went and tried to knock on his door, but no answer! Luckily, we were able to get in touch with him on Whatsapp and had our first meeting with him right outside his apartment. We continued to meet with him a few times a week and he regularly attended church! He always said he wanted to get baptized but wasn't sure when. About a month ago during church he told us he wanted to get baptized on the 28th of March!

Soon after, COVID-19 began to spread in Europe rapidly. But the work of the Lord didn't slow down one bit. In fact, we saw the work hasten. A few weeks ago, we had our first 'Family Home Sacrament Meeting' at President Chandler's home. We had several people join us in their home, one of which was M. The spirit was so strong during that meeting. At the very end of the meeting, we all listened to the message of President Nelson regarding COVID-19. The spirit was palpable that day. After the meeting, M. told us that he felt 'the fire spirit' for 30 minutes strait (especially during the Prophet's message), and he said that all of his doubts went away. He was certain that baptism was the next step.

We continued to teach him almost daily through video chat the days leading up to his baptism! For his baptism, we gathered in a small group of 7 people (because of new laws) and had about 20 more people join us through Zoom, including past missionaries who served in both Poland and Ukraine who taught him and have since gone home. What a blessing it is to have technology! The Lord truly prepared us for this time, and continues to provide a way for us to accomplish the thing which He has commanded.

The Sunday after his baptism, we had a branch-wide Zoom testimony meeting. M. even gave the opening prayer! After the meeting, we talked about receiving the Aaronic Priesthood. M. has recognized how important it is to have the priesthood in the family, especially during these times of uncertainty. M. told us that his goal is to have a family just like President Chandler's, and even though he doesn't have a family yet, he desires to hold the priesthood and to be ready for the future. As we have faith and rely on the Lord, He will continue to work miracles during the reign of COVID-19. The work goes forward!!! 


Elder Edwards
Poland Mission