The Season of Goodwill

By Jacqueline McKenzie Ware

In the season of goodwill, we reflect on the birth of our Saviour. In doing so, we often feel moved to help, support and bring relief to the suffering and struggles of others around us.

As the Great Jehovah of the Old Testament, our Saviour created all things. Yet, His first abode was a borrowed stable with a manger for His bed. His life was spared through angelic intervention, which again resulted in another period of homelessness. His mother and father, Mary and Joseph, became refugees when they travelled into Egypt to escape Herod's fury.

Our Saviour Himself made reference to this condition when He shared in Luke 9:58:

“Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head”.

Christ knows perfectly the suffering of homelessness and the plight of refugees. He knows because He has borne all things, and He knows because He walked His own path through mortality.

It's our privilege to recognise the work of Sister Gillian McCann from the Inverness Ward, as she works tirelessly to alleviate the struggle of our brothers and sisters experiencing homelessness, fuel poverty or who have been driven from their homes finding themselves refugees as Christ had been.

In recognition of Sister McCann's work she has been nominated and selected as the November entry into The P&J’s Eco Heroes competition! [1]

Sister McCann shares in the interview her work to source, prepare materials and create thousands of blankets, ground mats, bags, pillows, and bivvy (sleeping) bags to “give people a bit of hope”.

While Sister McCann's efforts started in modest ways, she has now secured support from her workplace, B&M, who donate big carrier bags to make ponchos. Sister McCann has inspired many in her community to contribute to the project. Even her posties provide long empty plastic bags, and primary schools also send washed and cut crisp packets by the bag load!

Sister McCann and her helpers donate the finished products to charities and causes, including: Aberdeen Street Friends, Inverness Foodstuff, and The Highlands Support Refugees.

Many thanks to Sister McCann for her service and the goodwill she shares with those in need of our help.

[1] The Press and Journal is a daily newspaper serving Northern and Highland Scotland. Its Eco Heroes competition is an “environmentally friendly competition showcasing those who are making sustainable, environmental changes, and slowing the impact of climate change.”