The missionary epilogue

by Michelle Forward

Book of Mormon musical

“I’ve missed you”. These were words spoken to Church missionaries by a member of the cast of the Book of Mormon musical. 

In October 2021 the Book of Mormon musical began its performances in The Millenium Centre in Cardiff. On the opening evening I had the privilege of going to the Millennium Centre, along with Stake President Jason Spragg and Bishop Stefan Liassides of Cardiff Ward.  We had all attended training in preparation for questions from media or audience members. 

We waited as the audience made their way out after seeing the show, where they were met by 40 missionaries in bright white shirts and missionary tags clearly in view. These young men and women stood firm in their beliefs and were a shining example to us who stood by. They were polite, friendly, and answered all questions. Some people stopped to listen and then while walking away would exclaim, “They are the real ones”. I remember seeing one young missionary run to his mission president in excitement proclaiming, “We need more, we need more!”. He was referring to the pass-along cards, and leaflets with more information about the Church.

Due to COVID restrictions these missionaries had spent most of their mission working with social media to share the gospel and contact people. Now they had the opportunity to meet face-to-face and share their beliefs.

After the audience had all left, the cast members made their way out. They were excited to see the missionaries and asked to take photos with them. One member of the cast approached and told us he had seen the missionaries outside every venue at which he had performed; but, when COVID hit he had not seen them for a while, and he had missed them. 

These young men and women were wonderful examples. Even though some people rushed past, or said they weren’t interested, the missionaries were not disheartened and carried on sharing what they knew to be true. How lucky we are to have “real” missionaries in each of our wards and stakes.