The Grave Is Empty

by Andrew Lamont

The empty tomb

In September 2023, I went to Israel with my angel wife, Gaby. Our honeymoon, on top of being a wonderful adventure for us newly-weds, was a profound series of deeply spiritual experiences which further solidified out testimonies, and added sacred elements to them.

In writing this article, I want to testify of a truth I cannot deny and continue calling myself an honest man.

An experience I can only describe as sacred was our excursion to one of the locations of Christ’s Atonement: the Garden of Gethsemane. Walking through the beautiful garden, sitting and pondering the excruciating sacrifice offered by Jesus Christ, it was impossible to feel anything but gratitude.

Then, He spoke to me. “ You are on sacred ground where I suffered, where an angel ministered to me. When I was suffering in this garden, Andrew, your face crossed my mind.”

I testify that Christ is my personal Saviour, and every individual person’s, too. There was a time in the Garden of Gethsemane that the Lord was atoning for each individual personally. His Atonement is the supernal gift to mankind, offered out of selfless love, and dedicated obedience to our Father in Heaven.

While we were in the sacred city of Jerusalem, we also had the unique blessing of being able to visit the tomb of the Saviour. As Gaby and I were making our way to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, for some reason I cannot remember, I was overwhelmed with anxiety. Looking back, I wouldn’t doubt I was hungry and being bumped by thousands of people didn’t help.

In the queue to enter the tomb, it was uncomfortably warm. There was a lot of talk in many different languages, which now brings me joy - Christ truly is the Saviour of the world - but caused sensory overload at the time.

With all the people around and the heat stressing me out, I went onto my phone and tried to ignore everyone.

When Gaby and I were finally at the front of the line and walked into the tomb, all anxiety, discomfort and stress fled.

An almighty, miraculous peace, comfort and joy replaced them. In that location so sacred, so holy, I experienced yet another undeniable manifestation of the love of the Lord and I knew Christ Jesus was my personal Saviour.

He died for me personally. He died for all of us. He suffered, and bled, and died for us all. Three days later, scriptures tell us, He walked out of that tomb.

I have seen the tomb of the Lord Jesus Christ, and I testify that it is empty. Along with the angels who spoke to Mary Magdalene, I say this: “He is risen” (Matthew 28:6).