The British Pageant

by Peter Trebilcock, British Pageant President

Performers at the British Pageant

With a full house we witnessed the joy and tears of both those performing and those watching.
It was a wonderful sight, to see member and non-member alike rejoicing in those special feelings the Pageant brought. We have seen the Gospel radiate from members and touch the lives of others - whether in the car park, on the shuttle bus, in the Country Fair, in the Marquee or in the Temple grounds.

Thanks to every single one of our 700+ volunteers and our Church leaders for their support and efforts over the past 10 months. We know that for everyone on stage, there are hundreds more behind the scenes, helping to make it happen. We were unified and were truly dependent on each other, “and the eye cannot say unto the hand, I have no need of thee: nor again the head to the feet, I have no need of you.” (1 Cor 12:21). A dear friend remarked, 'Each person is essential and beloved of the Lord. Every sacrifice - great and small - brings His power. And the fruit of your labours will be even more.'

Afterwards he explained he had been praying to God to know what church to join

Over the 13 performances we hosted more than 16,000 guests from all over the British Isles and from at least another 20 different countries; missionaries gave out over 650 Books of Mormon, and we continue to receive positive feedback from hundreds of guests. MPs and other civic, business and interfaith leaders were amazed, non-members were touched and faith was strengthened. We have direct reports of several non-members requesting baptism after their pageant experience and some of those who have been less active becoming reignited with the Gospel flame.

'A taxi driver drove missionaries to the pageant theatre. He got a flat tyre on the way. The elders helped him, and since his shift ended he agreed to attend the show that night. Afterwards he explained he had been praying to God to know what church to join. The elders invited him to read the Book of Mormon. He accepted, but after seeing the example of characters on stage, he requested baptism. Unknown to him, the ward he will attend has been fasting for new priesthood-worthy men to join.'

Performers at the British Pageant

'We totally loved the pageant. We brought my parents who are not members and they were very impressed. What a wonderful performance by everyone and made me see the legacy of faith that those pioneers had. We now need to be able to make a legacy of faith too.'

'We attended the Saturday matinee performance. As before, when attending previously, tears came to my eyes as I felt the presence of the Spirit and had confirmed to me the truth expressed during the performance. Thank you to everyone for their sacrifice of time and talent in making the event possible.'

'My non-member cycling friends, who came to support me and not really knowing what to expect, gave great praise for every single thing. They were so impressed. I took them to see the Temple and they wanted to linger there, to walk all round it and asked many questions, including eternal marriage. One asked as she left the theatre, if she would be allowed to bring her husband to walk around the site and said that she felt much peace there. She was surrounded by crowds, but still felt the peace. They both took a Book of Mormon with no prompting from me and I know one is reading it.'