The Big Task

Elder Bailey

During Stake Conference just before the Corona Virus Epidemic started to get really big in Europe, the Stake Leaders had the inspiration to ask all of the missionaries to meet with every single member in our Branch or Ward and speak with them about the First Vision to get everyone excited and prepared for General Conference. This was a big assignment, and at the time, we knew that we had other things going on in our busy missionary lives such as going outside and teaching lessons to those who had just heard about the Gospel. At that moment, I had no idea how we would accomplish this somewhat massive goal.

About one and a half weeks later, we went into lock down, the only work we could do is through the phone. At this point, we were simply looking for ways to fulfil our missionary purpose, which seemed to be nearly impossible due to the lock down. We decided to call every single member whom we had a phone number for. We have had the opportunity to share the First Vision with multiple members in a matter of days. We have sometimes had 3 appointments in a 2-3 hour window, which would have been impossible if we were to meet in person. Because of the lock down, we have been able to share the gospel quicker with the members and even a friend of the church we teach every week. We would have not been able to teach as many people as we do in one day if it wasn't for the technology that we have.


Elder Bailey
Ulm, Germany
Alpine Mission