British Pageant

The British Pageant was held in Chorley at the Preston Temple grounds for the third time in August 2023. It was a huge success, with 13 performances of up to 1200 capacity.
The British Pageant is a truly worthwhile experience and we wholeheartedly recommend getting involved!
Craig Wright has been called as the new President of the British Pageant
There will be ten performances of the British Pageant, ‘Truth Will Prevail’, in August 2017 (1-5 and 8-12) near the grounds of the church’s Preston England Temple in Lancashire, North West England.
British members and families participate in performances of the British Pageant held in Nauvoo this year during August
Such was the power of 'The British Pageant: Truth Will Prevail'  that the final note - on its own - created a missionary moment.
Recently baptized member, Sister Paula Vernon, tells of how the spirit of the British Pageant influenced her family’s decision to come into the Church this past summer.  As she looks back she realizes the spirit had been working on her and her family for a number of years.
This article is a compilation of personal experiences, interviews and web postings contributed by Juliet Ashwell, Alan Duvall, Sean Roberts and Peter Trebilcock.