The British Pageant - A Truly Worthwhile Experience

by Zoe Page

Zoe Page with daughters Phoebe and Amber, and eldest son Joshua.
Zoe Page with daughters Phoebe and Amber, and eldest son Joshua.

In summer 2017, the Page family participated in the British Pageant on site at the Preston, England Temple.

Preparations began early in January, with applications to be made, auditions to attend, and accommodation to organise. We were very excited to receive our phone call from President Trebilcock (the Pageant President at the time). He told us that we had been accepted into the family cast. We were then set apart by our Bishop, who said our children were the youngest he had ever set apart for a calling!

Our time at the British Pageant was very busy, with long days of rehearsing, many late nights, and make-shift meals. But it was wonderful- we made some new friends, grew through the expertise of all the directors and had many spiritual experiences and opportunities to give testimony.

One of the highlights was a visit from Elder M. Russell Ballard, an apostle. My husband Matthew, who was working on the security team, had the privilege of ferrying Elder Ballard around the site in a golf cart! We also had visits from President and Sister Kieron, and President and Sister McReynolds of the Manchester Mission.

At the end of the performance each might, it was our privilege to speak with our visitors about their experience at the pageant. Many were not members of our church, while others had not attended for a very long time. There were many positive stories of people feeling the Holy Ghost, as well as compliments as to the quality of the event.

The British Pageant is a truly worthwhile experience and we wholeheartedly recommend getting involved!