Springtime Painting

by Gordon S Dawson

Springtime Painting

My name is Peter Smith, I am a member of the Aberdeen Stake.

Five years ago, I suffered from Lymphoma. The experience has taught me so many different things.

I would like to share a picture of 'Springtime in Aberdeen'.

Springtime is an opportunity to see Heavenly Father’s handy work in all its splendour.
Our Heavenly Father has a divine plan. We may choose to have joy and not look at His commandments as restrictions. 
I find the most profound thing that springtime represents is the Saviour. It reminds me of who He is and what He did for us.
There are many obstacles placed in our way for we are all in the ‘School of Life.’
God is a loving caring Heavenly Father and He gave his Firstborn Son to us as an example. 
This springtime I pray we may all have great joy in choosing the right. 
I leave you my testimony that our Saviour lives and our Heavenly Father looks after everything.

in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.