Samuel R. Brough

Brough was born in Illinois in 1857, to parents who had been converted to the restored gospel in Staffordshire, and who were making their way west to Utah Territory. In 1886, Samuel was called to serve a mission in the British Isles and for some of that time presided over the Welsh Mission. He recorded the following experience which occurred in south Wales in 1888. Although we don’t know the names of the individuals involved, or even the precise location, this event teaches some important truths about the gospel and the power of the priesthood.

I was presiding over the Welsh Mission and while at my office one day, I received notice from a local Elder who lived about eleven miles distant that there was a man in his town who was very sick and had been for some months. The doctors could not diagnose his case or give him relief. He wanted me to come and administer to him for his health and relief of his affliction (he was not a member of the church). The elders stated that there were some men in the neighborhood representing the sect known as the Josephites.

They had told the sick man they had the power and authority to administer to the sick and they could heal him of his affliction and said the Latter-Day Saints were not the true Church of Christ, and did not have the authority to administer to the sick as they, the Josephites, had. They persuaded the sick man to give them a chance and they worked with him for some weeks and he did not receive any relief or help whatever. He then appealed to this local Elder of the Latter-day Saints and he appealed to me as I have stated. I considered the matter seriously and prayfully and finally said I would go and the will of the Lord be done. I started early the next morning (without breakfast, fasting) and praying on my way that I might go aright and be wise in my procedure.

I walked the entire distance and when I arrived at the man's home I found him sorely afflicted. He was most pleased to see me and told me of his experience and said he would like for me to administer to him. After some consideration and a little rest I prepared and attended to the ordinance. After annointing with oil, I commenced to confirm the annointing and bless the man and was led to make great promises and say things I had not thought of. I paused in my administration a flash of wonder came to my mind; was I saying too much?

And immediately a plain, quiet voice spoke from behind and over my right shoulder, 'quench not the Spirit.' I knew in a flash what it was and from whence it came. I immediately continued my administration and said all that was given me of the spirit. The result of my labors was, the Lord blessed and healed the man of his long and sore affliction. This decided all controversy as to where the authority of God lay and was a testimony to the whole neighborhood of the truth and restoration of the Gospel and power of God as taught by the Latter-Day Saints. I was not surprised at this.

The only object that I had was to be humble and honest and felt in my heart to say 'The will of the Lord be done!' After a short conversation with the local elder and a few friends, I ate a little food and started on the long journey back to my office rejoicing all the way to think that I was counted worthy to be called into the service of God and that he had blessed my labors during the day and directed the administration and healed the man. I arrived safe at my office. Praise and glory to my Heavenly Father for my experience and blessings of the day.'