Church History Pioneering Members

A boy from Bishopton, in the Paisley Scotland Stake, became Judge of Bandera County, Texas.
Elder John Slate Mace, missionary, buried in Leeds
Samuel R. Brough presided over the Welsh Mission in 1880's.
Robert Preston explains the effect his parents had.
President James H. Western 1922-23
John Halliday’s name appears on a number of documents relating to the Church in Wiltshire
Evan Arthurs served three times as a missionary in Wales
When I was a child of six attending the Church’s branch located in Neville Street, Oldham, Freddie Fowles was brought to it in his invalid carriage. I used to think the carriage looked like a coffin on wheels.
Before joining the church in 1893 Benjamin R. Birchall had said 'It will be a mighty cold day when I join the Mormon church'
In May 1940 third-generation British Latter-day Saint Arthur Willmott goes missing near Dunkirk, France. As the weeks pass by his family and church leaders receive no news about his whereabouts or his fate. Where was he and what had happened to him?
From Dundee, Scotland to Liverpool where he would board a ship to travel to America
Orson F. Whitney was born in Salt Lake City in 1855 and was third generation Latter-Day Saint.