Preston Temple celebrates 20 years

by Chelsea Craven

Preston Temple

At the Preston Temple, Chorley stake and neighbouring stakes celebrated the Temple’s 20th anniversary since its dedication on the 11th of October 1992.

On the 9th of June members spent the day at the temple working and sharing the blessings they had received through their worship. Then on the evening of the 10th the Chorley stake hosted a testimony meeting.

President Pattenden opened the meeting by quoting the Prophet, President Nelson, saying that “God will do some of His greatest work between now and the second coming.” He quoted part of the dedicatory prayer, saying that God has “smiled upon England” for centuries. The blessings specifically that he mentioned are those listed in the dedicatory prayer. The translation of the Bible in English and the pioneers. President Pattenden ended his opening remarks quoting President Nelson, by saying “we cannot survive without the companionship of the Holy Ghost.”

'We have every confidence in you.”

President Gordon B. Hinckley

More than a dozen people bore their testimonies about temples and more particularly about the Preston temple. Brother Peter Trebilcock spoke about his involvement with the architecture of the temple and how it was opposed by the Chorley community. He told the congregation how he once wrote to the Prophet at the time, President Hinckley, telling him that the building was in opposition and how President Hinckley wrote back saying, “we have every confidence in you.”

Sister Lees, former Temple President’s wife, was another to share her stories of the building of the Temple and how she watched the golden statue of Moroni be craned onto the steeple and the next day the newspaper had a headline saying, “Chorley’s Angel”. She added how on the day the official photographer came to take pictures of the temple the stake was asked to fast for good weather but that morning was grey and miserable though, as the photographer drove over the bridge of the M6, the skies cleared.

Sister Botts said the temple has saved her life and by hanging on and keeping covenants gave her such sweet comfort. Others added their testimonies by saying in one way or another that, “the temple impacts us as individuals and families, it changes our lives for good and for eternity” said President Rigby.