NHS North West Ambulance Service Visits Preston Temple Grounds

by Kevin Fletcher

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the North West Ambulance Service

The NHS North West Ambulance Service runs a Partnership and Integration community programme, the objective of which is to help the ambulance service better understand the community they serve, including cultural differences and beliefs. They had already begun to reach out to various faith groups to learn more, and had recently visited the Central Mosque in Blackburn. After BBC Two aired the documentary “The Mormons Are Coming” in February 2023, the feeling was that we looked like an “interesting bunch”. A visit was arranged where the managers and directors from the ambulance service could come and learn more about our faith and beliefs.

On the 24th May 2023, a gathering of around 25 managers and NHS Directors took place at the Preston Temple site in Chorley.

Kevin Fletcher, right, receives Plaque from the North West Ambulance Service in thanks for hosting the event
Kevin Fletcher, right, receives Plaque from the North West Ambulance Service in thanks for hosting the event

The group began their visit with a welcome in the Chorley Stake Centre, and appreciation was extended for the work the ambulance service provided for our communities.

The group was then taken on a tour of the Temple grounds by Brother Martin Cook where questions were taken. Following the tour, the group were invited into the Missionary Training Centre where they were given another tour of the facilities. The group gathered back into the main room of the MTC, where President Stahli spoke to the group about a typical day in the MTC and again took questions from the group.

Following the MTC experience, the group made their way back to the chapel for lunch and had the opportunity to hear from Preston Temple President Martin, who spoke about why we have temples.

Following President Martin, four of our missionaries, and a senior missionary couple, shared some personal backgrounds as well as some core principles of the Gospel.

To conclude our discussions we heard from Brother Peter Trebilcock, who shared his experiences and involvement in the building of the Preston Temple.

There was a wonderful spirit and appreciation felt by all throughout the day. Photographs were taken, and a presentation was made by the NHS Managers and Directors as a thank you for the welcome they had received. In return, each member of the group was given a small binder with a pamphlet about the Temple and a brochure of our basic beliefs and humanitarian efforts.