New UK JustServe Couple

by Jane and Paul Elvidge


Jane and Paul Elvidge have been called as the UK & Ireland JustServe Couple. They replace Clive and Catherine Jolliffe who are now focusing on their responsibilities for JustServe in the Europe Area, where it is growing quickly.

The Elvidges have recently moved to the Bradford Ward in the Leeds England Stake. They have four children, three are married and their youngest started university in 2021. Previously, the Elvidges were JustServe Specialists and Communication Directors for the London Mission area.

During their time in London, they were excited to learn about the community-service projects that were taking place, especially those helping people during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jane, who volunteered during the pandemic by shopping for those who were self-isolating at home, and as a volunteer at a vaccination centre, said, 'We have found that there are many members of the Church already involved in volunteering and community service. JustServe is an ideal way to share what we are doing and get more people involved.'

JustServe is the ideal way to connect community-service projects with those looking for ways to volunteer and help. Most people have busy lives, and it can be difficult to find time to commit to volunteering in the community.  JustServe makes it easy to find simple volunteering opportunities by matching a person’s location, interests, and skills with community projects in their area, which have been logged on to JustServe.  The JustServe App is available for handheld devices and can be used to sign up and find an opportunity to serve.