Miracles - with President Checketts

by James Farnell

President and Sister Checketts

The new President of the England London Mission - President Dave Checketts,  gave YSA’s hope for miracles as he shared his personal family witness of a miracle.

It was great to have Jake Davey, Ella-Jane Baldock and President Checketts speak to YSA from a number of stakes. Both Jake and Ella-Jane have recently returned from missions with Jake serving in South Africa and Ella-Jane in Turkey. Each spoke of the fruits of the gospel.

President Checketts spoke on ‘Miracles and the Power of Faith.’ President Checketts spoke of tragic circumstances that had occurred recently with his family. He was very open about his concerns and his worries, but he spoke with confidence and faith in the Lord. His love for the Lord was evident.

A few things came to mind; There are times where all we can do is trust in God. We will all face circumstances that will be out of our control but by placing trust in our Father in Heaven, we are leaving it with Him.

Faith is an action word. It means that we actively do something about what we believe in. When we leave it with Him, we are acting upon our faith and saying as did the Saviour, ‘not my will, but thine, be done.’ Luke 22:42.

This is what I was reminded of during the fireside. Whilst struggling through our toughest moments we need to work with our Heavenly Father, working as a team, side by side, and by passing our concerns to Him is a show of real faith.

“There are many ways that you can live your life brothers and sisters and there will come times of struggle and there are some things that aren't part of the plan. Our message to the world is that miracles have not ceased and God intervenes in the lives of men and women. Living by faith is the riches and fullest way to live. Feed the good wolf by praying, reading, going to church and to the Temple. Ponder the blessings you have.”

President Dave Checketts