Miracle girl stars in national musical – a story of faith

by Marie Partridge

11 year old miracle girl

Eleven-year-old Madison Faith Wright, from Stocksbridge near Sheffield is a miracle.  Born with severe complications, the doctors did not expect little Madison to survive. Her first surgery took place when she was just two days old. The Wright family belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Madison was cast in the role of Ellie Ashton in last year’s British Pageant, a theatrical musical performance depicting the early Mormon missionaries’ arrival in the UK to preach a message of hope.  It took place on the grounds of the Preston Temple in Chorley, Lancashire last August.  Says Madison, “The reason I wanted to be in the British Pageant is I thought it would be a good way to show other people how I feel about the Church. During the auditions, I got this warm feeling – like this is where I want to be.”

Her mother, Rachel Wright, adds, “Her middle name, Faith, is no coincidence.  It is through the faith and prayers of so many people that Madison is here with us today.”

Rachel continues, “As the surgery was about to begin, the doctor came to us and said that even if she lived through the surgery, life would change for all of us. The doctor told us she would live most of her life in a hospital, and maybe we should consider not doing the surgery.” She adds, “The decision was not difficult for us. We knew we had to give her every fighting chance to live.  Our faith made it possible for us to believe that God was in charge and whatever happened after the surgery, we would accept.”

At seven months old, Madison’s liver failed.  She was put on the transplant list for a new bowel and a new liver with little hope of receiving them. A miracle happened when she was 13 months old, she received both. She did well after the transplant until her body rejected the bowel when she was four years old.

The family felt that through the faith and prayers of many, Madison was healed once again.  At eleven years old, Madison is a normal, happy ‘miracle girl’ who lives each day to the fullest despite a handful of pills she takes daily. She discovered a love of entertaining people when she spent so much time in hospital.  “She would always want to sing a song or do something fun when visitors came, and it has carried her now to her love of drama” says Rachel.  “It is wonderful to see her so happy.”