Mary Pochin - A researcher of UK Church History

By Chris Wills

UK Church History

In the beautiful Staffordshire countryside surrounding the Cathedral City of Lichfield lies the home of a very active octogenarian. 

A former librarian turned author, Sister Mary Pochin has spent decades researching the early history of the Church in the United Kingdom. Every room in her home is filled with books, files, papers, and pictures. Within her family, Sister Pochin is the only member of the Church, so her efforts at collecting and collating Church history have been a solitary labour of love.

Over the years, Sister Pochin became acquainted with, and a friend of, Arnold and June Jones who for several years have served as Assistant Area Church History Advisors, assigned to the United Kingdom and Ireland.

When the first United Kingdom Records preservation Centre was established in March 2016, Brother Jones suggested that in order to ensure their long-term preservation, Sister Pochin might like to consider donating the many files of her research to the Church. After careful and prayerful consideration Sister Pochin agreed and in the spring of 2018, the collection was transferred to the United Kingdom Records preservation Centre in Solihull where they are stored in a temperature, light, and humidity controlled environment.

The Church History Department is in the process, worldwide, of digitising such records to ensure they will be available to researchers for decades to come. The Record Preservation Centre not only preserves documents, but also significant artworks and artefacts. For further details please contact your local Church History Specialist.