Lighting the World, one Little Yellow Duck at a time

by Briony Harrison

ukiensign-july2020-lighting the world one duck 1

On Tuesday 26th November sisters in the Congleton Ward (Newcastle-Under-Lyme England Stake) marked the launch of the Church’s ‘Light the World 2019’ initiative.

At their Relief Society activity entitled ‘Joy to the World’ they viewed presentations on Light the World ‘One by One’. 

Then, in support of the Little Yellow Duck Project (, a global initiative to highlight the importance of blood, bone marrow, organ and tissue donation, they took part in workshops creating cross-stitched and appliquéd yellow-duck gifts, to be left in public places for others to find. 

A special tag attached to each duck invited the finder to take their gift home to brighten their day and to visit the Little Yellow Duck Project website to register where they found it. 

As well as the world map showing where ducks have been found, the website has stories and information on how donating can literally save or transform someone’s life.

ukiensign-july2020-lighting the world one duck 2

Briony Harrison, counsellor on the Congleton Ward Relief Society Presidency, said:

“We wanted our activity to focus on the real meaning of Christmas and the joy we can feel as we serve others. Everyone knows someone who has been blessed by the selfless act of blood or organ donation, so we were happy to be able to support the Little Yellow Duck Project. 

According to the NHS, every single blood donation, a procedure that takes around ten minutes, can save the lives of up to three others. 

In fact, an adult could potentially donate enough blood to save the lives of over 1,000 people during their lifetime!  No wonder blood donation features on Day 3 of the Light the World 2019 calendar.”

After the workshops, sisters enjoyed festive treats from Britain (mince pies), Germany (stollen, a fruit bread of nuts, spices, and dried fruit), Hungary (marcipános szaloncukor, a chocolate-coated marzipan confection), France (macarons, a meringue-based biscuit) and other countries, before heading home to distribute their duck-themed gifts.  So watch out for a little yellow duck coming to your area!