Jesus Knows and Cares For Us

by Theresa McCormick

Jesus comforts Mary and Martha

I am a fulltime carer for my mum, who is blind. I have coeliac disease, so I have to be very careful what I eat. During the pandemic, I had to stand in all the queues for the shops, and I would do this alone as we were encouraged to do.

One week, I was exhausted but still needed to do some things for my mum. This week, I felt that she needed to come with me and help a little bit. I was really concerned about it, as she has a really bad back. I didn't think it would be able to withstand all the standing around I was doing.

My mum said “It will be fine, we shall say our prayers and it will be ok!”

So off we went, the first time my mum had been to the shops during lockdown. To our surprise, there wasn't a single queue anywhere. We got into every place we had to go with no problems. Even at the tills, the queues were very quick.

It was a miracle that day. I've not forgotten it.

It never happened again- only on this day. Jesus does know you, and what you need at that point in time.