Interfaith in Dunfermline Chapel

Interfaith in Dunfermline Chapel

On the 12 September 2015 during Fife Diversity Week, an event called “Try Interfaith” was held at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Dunfermline.

A panel of four faiths had been organised: Daryl Watson, public affairs director for Scotland, represented the Church; Samarah Haq represented the Muslims; Behdokht Eliasieh represented the Baha’i; and Colm Wilson represented the Quakers.

Each member of the panel gave a 5-minute talk about their faith and beliefs, followed by a question-and-answer session. Many interesting and lively exchanges were made, and in one case when Samarah was answering a question on behalf of the Muslims, Daryl Watson said that he would be happy for Samarah to teach that in Sunday School for the young women of the Dunfermline congregation.

After the discussion, a visit was made to the Dunfermline Mosque, where the group were received by the Imam and two members who had responsibilities in the mosque. A guided tour was given, and members of the Fife Interfaith Group who had attended a visit to the mosque a few years ago were able to see all the vast improvements and redecoration the mosque had undertaken by their own labour and finance. It now includes a large area which is the community hub for Muslims in Dunfermline.

The visit finished with the Chairman of the Fife interfaith Group hosting a meeting as to how all faiths can help refugees who may move into Fife by guiding and helping them find their faith in Fife when they arrive.