Indexing opportunity made easier

by Chelsea Craven


Past General Conferences have emphasised building Zion and preparing the world for the Second Coming through the restored gospel of the Saviour Jesus Christ.  This restoration has provided his servants with power and authority to seal families together forever, even after death.  What a beautiful blessing that is. 

That sealing work is done in Temples as a consequence of members’ family history work.  There are various ways and channels to do family history nowadays, one of the simplest and fun being FamilySearch Indexing.

Indexing is the act of transcribing into electronic text, to the best of one's ability, an image of an old source document, so that it can be electronically searched by someone looking for information about a family member or event.  (Note that each source document is transcribed by more than one person in order to compare views, and increase the accuracy of, the transcribed version.)

The Church has created a web page on to enable members to participate in this indexing; see