Yorkshire Helicopter Paramedic “Lifts Up” in Service to Others

by Sammy M Wills

Sammy M Wills, helicopter Emergency Medical Services paramedic

Sammy M Wills, twenty-year helicopter Emergency Medical Service paramedic and member of The Church of Jesus Christ in Yorkshire recently shared how her faith has helped others and influenced her life for good in a radio broadcast with Kat Cowan of BBC Sheffield.

Though her family moved several times during her years growing up, she always felt welcome in a new congregation of the Church because her faith and her family were constants. She said, “Being a member of the Church made me look inward and realise that my Saviour, Jesus Christ, was there no matter where I lived.”

Working as a helicopter paramedic was a dream come true for Sammy Wills and she feels it is a privilege to meet and serve people who are literally having one of the worst days of their lives. “We do the absolute best we can and use the best medical sciences, treatments, and protocols known to man.”

When asked about challenging experiences, Sammy says, “My day starts with a prayer and concludes with a prayer. I always pray that whatever comes our way, I can serve to the best of my ability.”

She recalls the distinct impressions she received to perform treatments that resulted in lives saved or measures that could have been catastrophic had she not listened to the “still, small voice” of the Holy Spirit. She gratefully acknowledges God for His divine intervention.

Sammy brought her outstanding skills and experience to the wider UK community as she and colleague Debbie J Hobson serve as first-aid volunteers at the British Pageant in Chorley, Lancashire which happened from the 2nd - 5th and 8th - 12th August 2023.

In her BBC interview, Sammy Wills concludes with this uplifting message; “The future is bright; the future is exciting. My purpose is to help other people. I’ve believed that my entire life.”