Hair to Give

by Debbie Fullwood

Hair to give

Has your hair grown to new lengths over lockdown? Thinking of having it cut but would like it to go to a good cause?

Having my long lockdown locks chopped off and donating them to a charity has been very rewarding. The charity to whom I donate my hair makes quality, real-hair wigs, free of charge for children and youth suffering from the effects of cancer.

I first heard about ‘hair donation’ through my congregation, on Preston New Road. A charity called were asking for hair so they could carry on their amazing work. That was over 22 years ago and I have been growing, cutting and then donating my hair every 2-3 years ever since. This will be my eighth donation.

Gary Spencer, who cuts Debbie’s hair at his Hill Street salon said, “A lot of people come in for a complete re-style so it’s very good to see the hair going to a good cause rather than just being swept up. These charities need a minimum length of 6-7 inches I believe.”

Since 2005, the Little Princess Trust in England, also gratefully accepts hair donations. I would encourage anyone who is thinking of going for a shorter style to donate. It’s a very personal and rewarding way to help someone less fortunate than yourself.