Local Leaders 

What leaders are saying about FSY
President Nelson

“I bless you to learn more about who you are and what your purpose really is, during this conference.” 

Russell M. Nelson, 'FSY Intro Video with President Nelson,' 2023.
President Jones

“Our FSY experience was a wonderful opportunity for our youth to grow spiritually and socially. They were able to meet and make friends with youth from other stakes and to receive wonderful gospel instruction. The YSA counselors were outstanding, and our youth could relate to them and look to them as role models. They came home strengthened by the experience.” 

President Jones
President Hollist

'What I loved most about FSY is that it helped our youth to recognize that living the gospel can be fun! They can dance, laugh, be with friends, and still follow the Savior. They learned that they could do the same things they were doing at FSY, at home, such as reading their scriptures, praying, and serving. The experiences they had at FSY are still blessing their lives now.'

President Hollist
Bishop Shapiro

“FSY gave our youth an environment that allowed for spiritual growth with other youth who share the same standards.  They become excited about living the gospel of Jesus Christ and are willing to share that excitement with others in their ward and family. Every young man or young woman who attends and actively engages in FSY will walk away a better disciple of Jesus Christ.” 

Bishop Shapiro
A Stake President Shares What FSY Did for the Youth in His Stake
A Father's Perspective: “She didn’t think she would be able to make any friends”
A Mother's Perspective: “It was a quiet ride home, but it was a good one”

These large events are designed to help youth have fun as they apply the gospel in all aspects of their lives. At FSY, they will participate in five days of devotionals, classes, and activities which will help them strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ and feel joy and belonging as they live the gospel. 

Check out the Week at a Glance page and schedule to see what activities they will do during each of the days they are at FSY. These pages are particularly useful for you to know what kinds of questions to ask your youth about their experience when they return home! 

While at FSY, they will: 

  • Associate with other youth who share their beliefs and develop new friendships 

  • Experience an environment that helps them feel the joy of the gospel 

  • Take part in inspiring devotionals and learn to 'Hear Him' 

  • Learn to be a leader and how to better communicate with their friends, parents, and others 

  • Engage in activities that will bolster their self-esteem and increase their confidence 

What are the youth participation requirements? 

All youth participating in FSY must meet these requirements: 

  • Must turn 14 no later than December 31st of the year they are attending and still be aged 18 at the start date of the session they are attending.

  • Must be willing to follow the FSY Standards of Conduct

  • Must not be currently on probation or parole for any crime 

  • Must not have committed a sexual offense felony, whether convicted or not 

  • Visit FSY Accommodation of Persons with Dietary, Disability, Medical, or Other Needs if you would like to find out about our efforts to accommodate all youth regardless of disabilities 

How can I help to get a youth registered?

  • Registration for youth will usually open in March 

  • As part of the registration you may talk to the youth, who plan to attend a FSY session about the purpose, program and behaviour for FSY 

  • Invite Youth lovingly to attend their assigned session and help them every step of the way 

My youth are registered! Now what? 

There are many things youth can do to prepare themselves for FSY, including these ideas: 

Taking It Home: “Keep reminding them of the feelings that they had'

What responsibilities do I have in my specific calling?