Young Single Adults 

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For the Strength of Youth (FSY) conferences are 5-day conferences modeled after Brigham Young University’s popular Especially for Youth (EFY) conferences. They are held in summer. At FSY, you will experience powerful classes and devotionals, learn crazy new dance moves and games, and strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ. You will share these experiences with youth as you lead, mentor, and serve them. Take this chance to meet new people in your area with similar beliefs who may just turn out to become lifelong friends, and learn and grow together in a fun and faith-filled environment. On top of all these blessings, serving with FSY is an excellent place to build leadership, teaching, communication, and adaptability skills, making you a more attractive candidate for future employment opportunities. 

Requirements to serve at FSY: 

FSY Counselors are an important factor contributing to the success of the program. We seek individuals with strong faith in Jesus Christ and in His Restored Gospel to serve as role models of honorable priesthood holders or divine sisterhood, future missionaries and fathers or mothers, and leaders in the Lord’s Church and kingdom. 


  • Willingly and responsibly work to promote the physical safety and spiritual well-being of participants attending FSY, especially those in your assigned group. 

  • Effectively teach (formally and informally) in a group setting and lead interactive discussions, creating a learning atmosphere that will help youth recognize and learn by the Spirit. 

  • Help all youth have a positive and uplifting experience and, as needed, handle youth disciplinary situations with sensitivity. 

  • Help all youth build faith in Jesus Christ and in His Restored Gospel, help create a learning atmosphere that will help all recognize and learn by the Spirit.  

  • Be able to demonstrate the mental health necessary to safely engage with and be responsible for groups of youth throughout the day and night while continuing to perform job responsibilities. 

  • Consistently act as an exemplary leader, role model, and mentor for youth participants and fellow counselors. 

  • Work well with a co-counselor with minimal supervision and contribute as a team member. 

  • Read and study the FSY Staff Handbook prior to first week and continue study throughout the summer. 

  • Participate in all required trainings. 

  • Participate in the Europe Areas Online Training.


  • Be a young single adult member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

  • Be a minimum of 19 years old 

  • Preferably have at least one year of college, work experience, or missionary service after high school. 

  • Be willing and able to abide by the FSY conduct, communication, and dress and appearance standards, and all other FSY policies.   

  • Be able to walk for extended periods of time during the day, be energized and actively engaged with the youth, perform all duties, and participate in physical activities, including, but not limited to: playing games, walking up and down stairs, running, jumping, and dancing.  

  • Exhibit the mental and physical health and emotional stability necessary to safely engage with and be present with and responsible for groups of youth throughout the day and night while continuing to perform other job responsibilities effectively in stressful and challenging situations. 

  • Be able to make procedural decisions, exercising good judgement, reliability, and accountability. 

  • Be able to organize resources and establish priorities.  

  • Exemplify strong interpersonal and communication skills. 

  • Pass required background check for this position.  


  • Returned Missionary (male applicants). 

  • Have experience working with youth.  

How Can I Get Involved? 

Applications for FSY Staff and Counselors are open from November until February of each year. Watch out for the Link to be posted and registration to open. 

What are YSA saying about their experience serving with FSY? 

“What I liked most about FSY was the relationships I was able to build: relationships with the youth, relationships with the other counselors, and most importantly the relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ.” —Candyce 

  “Seeing these wonderful youth grow and develop is just the greatest thing in the world.” —Naoki 

“The biggest benefit for me was I was able to make friends that I’m still friends with now but most of all get out of my comfort zone, gain confidence in myself and my ability to make decisions.” —Addie 

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