‘For the One’ convention

by Chelsea Craven

Michael McClean
Michael McClean

The Young Single Adults that attended the Sheffield Convention in June 2019 had some great visitors who shared a lot of wisdom with them.

Friday night was our first meeting with Michael McLean who told us, through words and a couple of songs, of his journey. His message reminded us of the ones we are being blessed to serve and of not letting personal desires get in the way.
He told us about the time he received inspiration for his song, The Innkeeper.  At that time his eleven-year-old son came to him.  While he was playing the notes for the song, he asked his son if he needed anything.  His son said he was fine, “Eleven-year-old code for yes,” said Brother McLean.   He son then left.  Michael eventually finished the song, sang it for three days, and then it hit him.  He suddenly realised what his song was about; now every time he sings it, he sees his 11-year old son at the door.

“I have enjoyed my time at the YSA Convention in Sheffield and getting to know so many wonderful young people.  My greatest fear was that I wouldn’t be able to connect with England’s YSA’s because I’m a ‘geezer’, i.e. their grandpa’s age.  I also feared I wouldn’t be able to say what they needed to hear because I was determined to share what I wanted to tell them,” said Brother McLean.  He shared his testimony and many of the life experiences that have led him to his faith.

Brother McLean added, “Something special happened, particularly during the devotional.  The Spirit intervened and opened that portal from my heart to the hearts of those in attendance; I believe that together we learned something we needed to learn or re-discover.  The theme of the conference was focused on the ‘one’, and I felt the Lord ministering to each one of us through the things we shared musically, personally, emotionally and spiritually.  I loved being part of all of that, but I’m certain that wouldn’t have happened had there not been a willingness, a desire, to receive that came from the YSAs in the UK.”

He challenged us to never sit still when it comes to building our faith.  “You’ve got to move forward so Satan can’t find you and so God can guide you.”

He finished by sharing his testimony of the things he felt to be true.  He added, “In our moments of struggle, we need to think how even the Saviour of the world was left alone, yet He was still there for every single one of us.  He saved us.”
Brother McLean later said, “To be clear, what we felt wasn’t the result of any particular ‘performance’ ... rather, it was invited.  I felt the power of that invitation during the devotional and realised that both this ‘old guy’ and the young folk weren’t really all that different.  We all need the same thing: a personal, undeniable witness to our souls that there’s a God in Heaven who sent His only begotten Son to love us and bring us home.”