Faith plays a role for good mental health

Evelyn Liston, Director of Communication, Scotland

Two People Talking

The elected president of Edinburgh Napier Students Association, Edinburgh Napier University, hosted a discussion event for students and staff members. The topic for the webinar was, “Faith plays a role for good mental health”. The point was to make students learn to use their faith for hope, peaceful minds, and other aspects of life. I enjoyed participating in the event and invited two of our full-time missionaries to share their testimonies and perform a dance as part of our contribution.

Below is my presentation:

“Thank you for the opportunity to both hear and participate this evening. One distinct principle that I believe as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is that God speaks to us today, as we individually connect with Him through prayer and collectively as His children on earth through Living Prophets.

“The Old Testament tells us how God spoke to His children through living prophets such as Abraham, Isaiah, Noah, Daniel, and others. I believe that the doctrine of prophetic leadership has been restored.

“Every six months, there is a worldwide conference where our prophet and apostles address the world in my faith tradition. In the most recent conference, they taught and counselled on themes such as ‘love, your enemies’. ‘embrace the future with faith’, ‘finding joy in Christ’, ‘I believe in angels’, ‘Let God prevail’, and ‘A new normal’. All these addresses can be found on YouTube as well as the official Church web site.

“Listening to this counsel helps me anchor my faith in Jesus Christ. I know that His sacrifice on my behalf can lift me from the darkest times. He is the Light of the World and calms my troubled soul.”

I was delighted to be asked to participate in this event along with members of many other faiths from across our country.

You can view the broadcast event at