Eternal Marriage in 2020

By Gabby (and Ethan) Quesne

Gabby and Ethan Quesne

What is eternal marriage? Well, the straight answer is, it's a marriage authorised by God through a Temple ordinance called ‘sealing’. Honouring sacred covenants as husband and wife, they can be married not only for time, but also throughout all eternity.

We (Gabby and Ethan) met at a Church ball in 2016. We can’t say that it was love at first sight because Ethan forgot who I was after that! Shortly after we met at Institute and ‘sparks flew’. We saw each other four days a week after that. We got engaged in May 2018. We knew quickly that we wanted to be with each other forever because of how well we got on and how much we laughed with each other. Marriage at some point was a no-brainer.

Ethan and I want an eternal family and want children and raise them to be good, kind and thoughtful people. To us, marriage brings family stability. I guess we have been preparing since our youth by trying to be good, kind people ourselves, being inspired by our parents and grandparents.

Our journey to marriage became a bit challenging when I finished university and job prospects were uncertain. Then the pandemic hit; no one could have seen that coming! We had to move our wedding from March 2020 to September 2020. We were even unsure whether the September 2020 date would go ahead with everything in the world-changing so rapidly, but luckily it did. Now we are happily married. It may not have been the big day as originally planned – but it was perfect. We are both so glad that we are now married and can start our own little family as husband and wife.

For people thinking about eternal marriage I would say, wait till you find the right person; you are going to be with this person for a long time so make sure you pick someone with the same values and morals. Don’t rush it if it doesn’t feel right. Pray and work on yourself; these actions will help you find the perfect eternal companion.