Daughter inspires Father to achieve 50 Donor Award

by Linda Beverley

Ian Geddes with certificate and special badge

It was when Ian saw how many pints of blood were used to help his young daughter, Sky, and the other children in the hospital ward, that he decided to be a blood donor. So, at age 40, Ian began donating as much as three pints of blood annually.

A certificate and special badge were presented to Brother Ian Geddes of the Buchan Ward, Aberdeen Stake, at the Awards Ceremony Dinner hosted by the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service to mark his remarkable 50th blood donation.

The certificate includes the text, “In recognition of your generosity and commitment … the patients who receive your blood cannot thank you personally, so on their behalf, thank you.” Each pint of blood can save or improve the lives of up to three people.

Brother Geddes and his wife Elayne currently serve as Youth Sunday School teachers in their Ward and are always actively involved in giving service whenever and wherever it is needed. Members of the Ward sent messages of support and congratulations to Ian.