‘Cubs’ visit Aylesbury Chapel

by Andrea James

Aylesbury Scout Group

On 28th January 2020, cubs from the 9th Aylesbury Scout Group visited the Aylesbury Chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to learn about our faith.  In the past two other local cub groups had visited the chapel and passed on how much they enjoyed the experience to other groups.


During ninety minutes the Cubs had an introduction to various beliefs of the Church by Bishop David Day (Bishop of the Aylesbury Ward).  He covered the Godhead, the Book of Mormon, and Prophets.  Similarities between LDS beliefs and those of other Christian faiths were also highlighted.

The Cubs also had a tour of the building and an explanation of the artwork that hung on the walls of the chapel.  One Cub even experienced a dry baptism in the font, to demonstrate how we baptise.  The last thirty minutes were spent with the Young Men and Young Women of the Ward.  They assembled to answer any questions posed by the cubs.  Questions about the Book of Mormon, prophets, life after death and many other subjects were ably answered by the youth.

The cubs left with a copy of Joseph Smith’s testimony, after being told that we were celebrating the 200th anniversary of the First Vision.  Cub leaders also enjoyed the experience and learning about the Book of Mormon.  Several of the youth spoke afterwards of their delight in being able to show the cubs around the chapel and were pleased they could answer the questions that were fired at them.  Bishop Day, a schoolteacher by profession, has been a bishop for three years.  After three cub-group visits he is considering creating some child-friendly missionary material to better prepare for the next visit.