Celebrating 20 Years of the Scottish Parliament

by Evelyn Liston

Group photo

Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Rothesay addressed Members of the Scottish Parliament and guests to commemorate two decades of the Scottish Parliament.  The Presiding Officer, the Rt Hon Ken Macintosh MSP, extended a formal invitation to the Multi-Stake Director of Public Affairs and Communications of the Church in Scotland, Evelyn Liston.  After many years of service and involvement in the Church’s Parliamentary government and religious affairs, and being personally acquainted with Mr Macintosh, Evelyn was delighted to receive the invitation.  It was a marvellous opportunity to speak with many religious, political and business leaders in Scotland.

A year of commemoration has sought to reflect the positive influence that the Scottish Parliament has made on the lives of the people of Scotland.  After the televised ceremony the doors were open to the public for an afternoon of activities including live music, dance and theatre.

'It was an honour to be a part of this historic occasion and meet with so many influential leaders in our country,' says Evelyn.